Opinions Please - Daily Moisturizers

Ok - I need a day time moisturizer and trying to read online reviews gives me a headache. I have combo skin and particularly in the summer, I can't put a heavy moisturizer on under my tinted moisturizer or I will look like a shiny MESS. What does everyone with combo skin use? Also, has anyone used La Mer - regular cream or gel based? Is it worth the hype? Helppp please :)

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Ummm, hello? Ya could have just called/texted with this dilemma! :)
For you, I would go with either a super light weight (we have a great one from Body Deli- Lite Facial Emulsion) or a gel based. I think that your tinted moisturizer has an spf so you would have some sun protection. You can also just use your tinted moist. without anything else underneath. Have you tried that yet?

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