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For one of our upcoming projects, we are selecting tiles for the flooring, bathrooms and kitchen of the home. If you are not familiar with Ann Sacks, you must surf the company's website because they have fabbbbbulous tiles, as well as fixtures. I was lucky enough to visit their NYC location a few months ago which was a lot of fun. They do have a location in Georgetown, which is near by, but the NYC location is bigger.

Anyway, they have a NEW collection launching next week that is really different and I know we will be using it for this project as soon as we can get our hands on some samples. It is the Haveli by Neisha Crosland collection and it was inspired by Native American weavings. It might sound kinda crazy, but it is stunning! Check out that collection and a few others below.

Haveli Collection - how fun are these tiles???

A few other samples from the collection... can't wait to see these in person

Paccha Collection... and yes, that is all tile, not rugs. Gorgeous!

Also available in red

A few other tiles from the Paccha collection

Medina Collection... ah I obsessed over anything Moroccan <3

More from the Medina collection 

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