Lunch Time Post - Adore Awards

Holy moly. I know shots from the new Adore mag is already on a lot of blogs... but I can't help myself! It is so fantastic I must share as well. Although I love basically every single image/item/word of the issue, I picked a few "awards". Thanks Adore, for not letting me ever be satisfied with my own abode because your magazine is so fantastic!!! Ok here we go.

Most Glorious Breakfast/Lunch Nook: The black and white is so simple, but the mixing of patterns makes the space a ton of fun. Eeeeeee love.

Most Beautiful Bar Cart Area: The gold faux bamboo, dark wall, flower pop and colorful abstract is beyonddd.

Most Girl-a-rific Workspace: This chair is a ton of fun! And the framed Hermes scarf... wowzaaa.

Most Comfy Bed: Do you not want to just fall into this bed and read a good book?

Most Glamorous Dining Room: There is a lot going on here - and it is pretty amazing. Ultra glam and looks like a very fun place for a dinner party.


amber wallace said...

Oh man I am so far behind! That's good stuff! I need to get it together and read that bad boy. Thanks for reminding me.

Peak Rainey said...

I almost forgot too! Then I started seeing pics everywhere. It is a great issue, right? Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I was a pretty spectacular edition! I follow the girl whose office you posted, Peep My Style. It's a good blog! Loved her space! And, yes, I've been lusting for a framed Hermes Graff. A friend gave her that scarf. I need a friend like that!


Peak Rainey said...

I will have to check her blog out... I literally just breezed through the pics and didn't get to read the articles bc I had a busy day, I will have to take a look. And I am right there with you - can I have a friend like that?! LOL. Fantastic! I'll send you a framed Hermes scarf when I hit it big and you can feature my glorious gift on your blog ;)

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