Top 5 Golden Globes Looks

I never watch the award shows, but I lovvvve seeing the dresses! Here are my top 5 favorite looks of the night... who did you think was best dressed?

Some of you may know that I have a special place in my heart for Ms. Jolie :) She always looks amazing at events, but this look was SO hot!

Nicole Kidman takes risks but for me, they are usually fails. But not last night! This dress fit her like a glove and the hardware on the dress + her hair color is stunning.

The usually conservative Reese Witherspoon is smokin' hot in this red dress - lets see more of this!

No explanation needed.. Salma Hayek always look incredible. 

What??? Who has a body like this?! She hasn't looked bad, or even mediocre, at an event yet. Ridiculous.

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