Elle Decor: Getting Color & Light Right

I was on the Elle Decor website this week and came across an article I wanted to share with you guys. It discusses how to find the perfect paint color for a room and gives tips from experts in the field on which factors to consider in your search.

You might be thinking, how difficult can it really be to choose a paint color for a wall? And in some ways your right, it isn't rocket science. But something I keep learning every day in interior design is that the small details can make or break a room. Anyone can pick a color, but it is the designer's job to think about functionality, balance, etc... things that the average joe may not spend time thinking about!

The tips in this article were very helpful to me and will hopefully be helpful to you as well! I summarized the four keys points in the article, but feel free to read it in it's entirety here.

1. Geography: Where in the house is the room? In the US, south-facing rooms get sunlight the majority of the day, while north-facing rooms do not get much direct sunlight. In rooms with less sunlight, it is preferable to use warmer tones as they will brighten the room without the help of the sun. In rooms with abundant sunlight, you should use cooler tones to balance out the natural brightness. 

2. Utility: How will the room be used? The article cites a client who had a room in his home he only used at night. In this case, you want to go with a color that looks nice against the light of a lamp or sconce, such as a warm chocolate tone. On the other hand, a bright breakfast nook begs for a neutral or white, which looks crisp in the sun. 
If the room is cool and dark - add warmth.
If a room is bright and light - add coolness. 

3. Context: What else is in the room? If you have a rug that is a deep purple, that hue is going to reflect on the walls. All of the colors in the room must "get along" to create balance. Additionally, the increasingly popular fluorescent light bulbs definitely change the colors in a room, so that should be taken into account as well. 

4. Trial And Error: Why not start small? Pick a few colors you are considering and paint a piece of poster board and put it in the room. Live with it for a few days before making a more permanent decision. 

This room clearly gets a lot of sunlight (window hidden on the right side), so a cool, navy blue looks lovely with the white furniture and accessories. 

This comfy dining alcove has no light, so the pomegranate red warms up the space nicely.

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