Fabulous People: Celerie Kemble

Good eveninggggg! My co-worker and I were just discussing designer Celerie Kemble's book, Black & White, earlier this week because it is on our list to buy. I was on Amazon earlier today to buy something for the office and looked it up (I buy all of my design books off of Amazon because the prices are insanely better than in stores). To my delight, Amazon gives a sneak peak of the book and lets you click through a few pages... and it of course looks fantastic. So I wanted to shares some images with you in case you were also on the search for a fresh and fabulous design book for your coffee table/life.

Kemble explains the basics of design - keeping it as simple as black and white - and shows some of her best work in those colors. She goes into how to balance a room, her favorite black and white paint colors and a bunch of other great tips thattttt I don't even know about yet because I don't have the book! But I already know they are great :)

You can find the book on Amazon here.

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