Fabulous People: Charles Dwyer

When I was at an art gallery recently, I was introduced to the work of Charles Dwyer... needless to say, it was love at first sight. His pieces are always of females and he has a unique way of illustrating a beautiful, intense woman while at the same time mixing in autobiographical elements, hidden images and even handwritten script. You can stare at the same piece for a long time and slowly discover new details which make it even more intriguing. Most of his pieces are a little dark, but I think they are incredible.

I had a favorite that I cannot find online, but take a look at some of the pieces below; they are a mix of originals and limited edition. They range in price, but the one I liked was $7,000. I included the titles of each piece for reference.

I almost hate for you to see these for the first time online because it is impossible to see all of the detail... ah well! What do you think?

Lace Glove



Lace And Stripes

Serious In Red


The Affirmation
LOVE this piece


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