Fireplace Decor

On dreary days like this, I wish I could just go home and curl up on a sofa in front of the fireplace. This got me thinking about what a fabulous center point a fireplace can be for a room if it gets a little lovin'. It can be as simple as adding a few chic accessories, to renovating the wall that the fireplace is on for an entirely new look.

Lonny Magazine always has a page in their issue that combines a few different accessories on the same piece and gives it a different vibe each time (if the doesn't make sense, it will when you see the image below). I also found some other fun, inspirational pictures that I wanted to share.

Lonny Magazine - does my description make sense now? :)

Chic Accessories

Modern Winter Retreat

Masculine Bachelor Pad

Fall :)

You know I couldn't leave out Christmas decor...
Italian Style 

Feminine Fabulosity

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