Kelly Wearstler - Spring 2013

Good eveninggg my darlings. I had a very exciting day today becauseeee the Kelly Wearstler ring that I ordered arrived and it is about 5354 time more glorious in person. The picture shown on line was this:

Okay, is it just me, or do those kind of look like skin cancer spots? Not that I would know from PERSONAL experience.. but you feel me. But the structure of the ring was really fab and the description did say that the stones vary in appearance.. so I gave it a shot. And thank god I did (or really, thank my co-workers for telling me it was a good idea. Not that I need much encouragement to make me shop more) because in person it is freaking amazzze. Here is what I got:

Looks totally different, right? But amazing! I am so happy (if you are interested, the link is here). And I have a feeling my addiction to KW's jewelry line is only just beginning because check out some of her new fall pieces:

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