Hello Fall Fashion

Hi friendssss. Sorry for the silence; I had one of the busiest weeks at work EVER last week and then did some major relaxation this weekend, so I have been MIA. Apologiesss! One fabulous thing that happened while I was not attending to my lovely blog was that I got a vintage Louis Vuitton bag for my cosmetics. It is the Trocadero, which is actually a cross-body bag, but I cut off the straps and use it for my make up and it is beyond phenom! Especially because I have always just used a freezer bag for my cosmetics (I know, its a tad ghetto). Check it out!

Anyway, I am particularly excited about a bunch of fashion trends this fall and will be doing a post each week about one of them and where to scoop the latest clothes/accessories. Eeee I love the transition from summer to fall - from football to leather moto jackets! Oh yeah... and the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks doesn't hurt either :)

Yum. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and I will be back tomorrow! xx

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