Blueprint Juice Cleanse


Has anyone tried one/more than one of the Blueprint juice cleanses? I was actually home sick today and thinking - oh my god, what is wrong with my stomach, maybe I need to try a cleanse! I really like food, so I have never been interested in a cleanse, but reading about it does make me think a 3-day cleanse may not be the worst idea.. every few months... just to give my stomach a break. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with this?

Anyway, once I feel better, which hopefully will be tomorrow, I am going to swing by Wegmans and pick up a few Blueprint juices to try them out. They have all kinds of cool flavors - Cashew Vanialla Cinnamon Agave sounds amazing to me. The cleanse is about $65 per day, so I want to make sure they are not nasty before dropping that kind of dough on some juice.

Blueprint is described as "the cleanse for foodies". I wouldn't say I am a foodie, but I couldn't do a tasteless cleanse for a few days. Check are some of the cleanse combos below... and find your local retailer here.

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