Dreamy Kicks

What is it about a gorgeous pair of heels that makes our brains so happy? Or is it just me? Some days looking at some major eye candy on blogs or Pinterest is the best medicine in the world! PS - has anyone noticed the fancy new updates to Pinterest? Kinda love it! Have a good hump day tomorrow, y'all. I promise I will have a more informational and relevant post tomorrow :) For now, just hot shoes.


L.A. in the bay said...

love those leopard wedges in the last pic!

Anonymous said...

I'm still dying for those Alexander Wang leopard wedges! I always get outbid on eBay!



Peak Rainey said...

OMG I never thought to look for them on Ebay.. but I just did... and sadly for me they are all like $800. LOL I will keep checking in on them!

caviar taste said...

Stop it! That vending machine shot is amazing! Totally obsessed with those first shoes.

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