Kelly Behun's Long Island Sanctuary

When I was on vaca in upstate NY over the holiday, I (obvi) had the new Elle Decor with me and was so psyched because it ended up being one of my all time favorite issues. I don't usually love all of the homes featured, but this month was an exception.

My favorite was the Long Island home of designer Kelly Behun. By the way - if anyone loves Miami as much as I do and have stayed at the Delano Hotel... she did the interiors of that hotel. Yes - she is MAYJA.

My bf's family is Danish so he always tells me he wants an all white house, which frightens me a little bit, but I have to say this house made me feel a lot better about the idea. I love how she mixes in the exotic, tribal vibe with a minimal feel. Amazing! Did you guys read the issue/love it too?

images via Elle Decor.

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