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Sorry for the back to back health-related posts, but I am on a bit of a kick right now. I was looking at our plates before dinner tonight and thinking... its probably not the best idea that I typically serve myself on the 12" diameter dinner plates that we have. Do I really need that much food? No... I do not. So I looked up some info about portion control tonight that I wanted to share. Americans restaurants serve us  wayyy more than we need. Even small "individual" bags of chips have three serving sizes in them, but most of us eat the whole bag because the bag seems pretty small, right?

Just to give you an idea of how much we are served, take a look at what is put in front of us versus what we should be eating:

Yikes! $1,345 cals in one sitting?! While I don't ever order a burger and fries, I have realized how much more I eat than I need to, even if it is (usually) healthy. Here is some imagery to help us:

One serving of pasta is equivalent to one ice cream scoop? I knowww I overeat pasta whenever I make it at home AND when I eat out... I probably should just stop buying it :) Hope this helps everyone! xo

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