Decisions, Decisions...

Ok lovely readers, I need some help today. I am in search of a new purse and as we all know, there are plenty of amazing options out there. So, I wanted to get some opinions and what better way than to ask you guys? So here are a few that I like.. I need a black bag but have found a few that I like a lot and are not offered in black. Also, it has to be a decent size because I have a lot of stuff that I carry around. What do you think? Cast your votes in the comment area!

1. Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Speedy

2. Alexander Wang Rocco Leather Satchel

3. Prada Vitello Daino Hobo

4. Prada Glace Calf Satchel

5. Prada Vitello Daino Shopping Tote

6. Michael Kors Leather Tote

7. Louis Vuitton Artsy MM

8. Louis Vuitton Wilshire MM

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Lauren Jaques said...

I like the black Speedy... You love your other one:)

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