Weekly Holiday Post: Bergdorf Windows

It has been a few years since I have been in NYC around Christmas, but I always made sure to see the famous Bergdorf holiday window displays. If you have never seen them in person, you should try to visit around Christmas because pictures hardly do the windows justice. The amount of detail is outstanding and I would imagine that accessorizing these displays would be any merchandiser's dream. Which is your favorite? The are all so stunning that it is honestly difficult for me to choose, but I think I like the first window, The Brass Menagerie.
The Brass Menagerie

Teacher's Pets

Testing The Waters

Artists And Models

Breaking The Ice


Anna - Canoe Design said...

I walked by the windows last night and was in total awe...they are amazing!
Great images, thanks for the post!

Peak said...

Ah lucky... it really is so beautiful, you are lucky to live in such an amazing city! Love your blog :)

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