Wild Wednesdays: Rope Furniture

There are so many fun and unique trends out there that I decided to create Wild Wednesdays! Every Wednesday, I will publish a post on a current decor or fashion trend that is popular and a little over the top. The posts will be partly educational but mostly freaking fabbbulouss.
And I am starting off with...drumroll please... rope furniture! Ok, it might not seem THAT wild, but wait until you see some of these pieces. We used a large custom rope coffee table in a project this year and it was absolutely stunning in person. Arguably the most well known rope furniture designer in the game right now is Christian Astuguevieille. He wraps cord over a wood base to create furniture that looks modern but also timeless, simultaneously. Sometimes he leaves the rope as it is naturally, but other times he paints it, changing the look all together.
Have you seen this trend? If so, what do you think?

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