The Exception To The Rule: Powder Rooms

Good Eveningggg y'all. I wish this post wasn't so late but I have been trying to research how I can crop and connect the images in my posts so that it is easier to look at. I like to have a lot of pictures but I don't like how you have to scroll down for ten years to see all of them... so I'm working on it!

Anyway, one of the most fun rooms in a house to design are powder rooms because it is a small space that you can kind of go crazy in. Because powder rooms are not connected to any other room, you are able to use a wild wallpaper, paint color, mirror, light fixture, etc. that may be too overpowering in a larger room. I found some fab pictures to share with you.

Happy Friday! Can you believe Christmas is a week away? Craaaazy. And exciting :)

Pops of turquoise make this a exotic bathroom even more wonderful

Can you imagine trying to use this powder room if you are a little tipsy? Just sayin'...

Love the red, black and white theme here

Perfect mix of rustic and glam

Basic black and white stripe is complimented by the modern elements in this space

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