Lovely Paint Colors - Graphite

I have always liked a dark colored room... my mom wanted to kill me when I painted my bedroom dark navy blue in high school, but I loved it! Obviously you don't want your entire house to be super dark, but having a room or two in a dark hue can be quite fabulous. One color that I adore on a wall is graphite. Most shades of gray look pretty great, but graphite is a favorite because it is so versatile. It can be handsome in a man's office or glam in a woman's dressing room. Also, it is a color that makes wall decor, like mirrors, really stand out. As you can guess from my home wish list, I like mirrors a lot :)

I also included a few shots of rooms in lighter shades of gray that incorporate furniture in graphite tones.

Would you paint your walls in a bold color like graphite?

What could be better than a wall color that allows you to have a hot pink coffee table that doesn't look out of place? On second thought... I am not sure any wall color in the world would convince my boyfriend to have a hot pink coffee table in the house. Sadness.

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